The Glass Palace has ratings and reviews. Jeanette said: Yes. This is why I read historical fiction. Amitav Ghosh devoted five years of hi. Set in Burma during the British invasion of , this masterly novel by Amitav Ghosh tells the story of Rajkumar, a poor boy lifted on the tides of political and. The Glass Palace There was only one person in the food-stall who knew exactly what that sound was that was rolling in across the plain, along the silver curve of .

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I started out enjoying this book.

The Glass Palace Reader’s Guide

Oct 22, Manu rated it really liked it Shelves: Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. This is a Historical fiction pivoted around milestones with a few real characters spanning countries and 3 generations.

The prose is ornamented, but always concise and glqss. As for the creative writing part of it, the lives and families of Rajkumar and Dolly over three generations were loosely scripted and eventually got a bit unexciting. Dec 03, Thebooktrail rated it it was amazing Shelves: Reading this book the reader knows also more about the Indian National Army and why some Indian soldiers decided to mutiny from the British Army.

What effect does it have on the book as a whole, on your perception of the characters and their stories? We see a monumental change in her disposition when she returns to India from Rhe York. The novel sprawls across more than a century of Burma’s history, from the British invasion of northern Burma in until If a story can be very intense and boring at the same time, then this book is it.


Despite being in Mandalay when I palacf it, I found that this book, which is rather too abrupt in jumping from decade to decade and generation to generation, also dragged and failed to engage. Why did you choose to end paoace novel there? Through the lives of the orphan Rajkumar, his mentor Saya John, the girl Dolly, and her friend Uma, this sweeping tale explores the intricacies of colonialism, wars, divided loyalties, race relations, and the exploitation of subjugated peoples and their natural resources.

We cannot destroy it without destroying ourselves At a bazaar, opposite the west wall of the fort, he was to ask for a woman called Ma Cho. The arrival of a new Collector stirs up feelings of resentment towards the colonial regime, but Uma, the Collector’s headstrong wife, is able to help bridge the gap by befriending Dolly. Well- let’s give this a 3 star, I guess, since at least they gave you 5 pages of maps before you started.

I especially found the 3 or 5 page dip into romance of trite quality and mostly and almost entirely unrealistic. Reading him is a wonderful satisfying experitnce.

We rebelled against an empire that has shaped everything in our lives; coloured everything in the world as we know it. The Glass Palace is thus unqualifiedly a novel and I can state without reservation ylass except for King Thebaw, Queen Supayalat and their daughters, none of its principal characters bear any resemblance to real people, living or deceased. The next generation story unfolds like a mega serial up till the war w Ghosh’s Glass Palace is an achievement – no doubt!

Glass is not worth to separate the ingredients and if eaten in it entirety one cannot taste a damn thing. Which truths do his characters reveal?

The transformation of landscapes and the changes in fortune and agricultural economies turn out to be quite mesmerizing. His name was Rajkumar and he was an Indian, a boy of eleven – not an authority to be relied upon.


The Glass Palace | Books | The Guardian

The same is true of Rajkumar. It might even be easier. At times I found myself almost weeping for their failures, even as I cheered their successes. Galss Glass Palace is an achievement – no doubt! Feb 07, Jesse Field rated it it was ok. Dec 26, Frances rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Parts of it were absolutely magical.

What the blurb led me to expect: Arjun is thosh conscientious and loyal soldier, but inevitably the question arises: She glared at Rajkumar suspiciously. It was almost dark by the time he remembered why he’d been sent to the city.

This is a very large scope and it is covered by disconnected chapters that are almost standalone essays.

Feb 17, Elaine rated it it was ok Shelves: The Calcutta Chromosome won the Arthur C. The best historical fiction books I’ve read integrated all three of these goals into a smooth and readable nar Most of the historical fiction books I’ve read have tried to do three things — evoke a sense of time and place, depict historical events ghksh the eyes of their characters, and last and often te, unfortunately, even though this is ostensibly the reason to read a novel in the first placecreate multifaceted characters who are experiencing their own growth, development, and plot.

But there we do sit within the crux of the question for the entire progressions for change, don’t we?