View Notes – wheelockkey from LATIN at University of Texas, Arlington. http :/ Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answer http:/ Wheelock’s books to order, as well as a great list of helpful links. Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answers – A free answer key for Wheelock’s exercises. 5 days ago looking for, from the many other titlesof Wheelock Latin Workbook Answer Key Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answers – A Wheelock Answer Key.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Please, warn me if I err. You praise me; they blame me.

What should we think? She does not love me. Apollo often saves me. You often plan nothing.

You give twice, if you give quickly. If you are well, I am well. Me laudare non debes. Si erro, me saepe monet. Si me amas, serva me, amabo te! Rumor and opinion fly. Give the girl a pardon, please. Your clemency saves many lives. He carries away much money. You often praise but reject the fortune and life of the old country. You order me to avoid the crowd. I give myself to philosophy. Philosophy is the art of life. Preserve the sound beauty of life. Immoderate anger creates insanity. What are you thinking?

There is no avarice benissimis punishment.

Assignment 13 – Beginning Latin – Course HUM/REL at ENMU

It oppresses me with cruel chains. They do not fear the wheel of fortune. Puellae vitam poetae servant. Sine philosophia saepe erramus et poenas damus. Si valet tua patria, nihil nautas terret et debes magnam fortunam tuam laudare. Saepe poenam irae videmus. Porta antiqua est magna.

We see the son of a Roman sailor on the farm. The boys are calling the girls today. Many men and women preserve the ancient philosophy. If anger is strong, O my son, we often err and pay the penalty. Fortune bnissimus great men. The farmer gives his daughters money.


Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answers

Sine paucis amicis vita non valet. Multam famam in patria tua hodie habes. Videmus, mi amice, magnam fortunam in filiarum tuarum vitis. Filiis whee,ock filiabus meis rosas semper dat.

Friends, you must think of the Roman people. Maecenas, a friend of Augustus, has me in his number of friends. Few men are eager for wisdom. Adverse fortune does not bwnissimus a man of great wisdom. Cimon, a man of great fame, possesses great benevolence. A greedy man is always in need. No abundance of money satisfies a greedy man.

Money excites, not satisfies a greedy man. Advise your friends in secret; praise them openly. We ought to keep moderation. Leisure is good, but the leisure of many benissimhs a small thing. Wars are bad and have many dangers. Duty calls the sailor from leisure today. Few greedy men see the many forms of danger in money. If you have much money, you are often not without anxiety.

The girls warn the teacher about the evil plan without delay. O great poet, benisximus are true friends; help me, please!

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In magno periculo es. Sententiae mei filii saepe sunt stultae. Filiae et ebnissimus virorum et feminarum magnarum non semper sunt magni. Sine consilio bona fortuna nautarum est nihil et poenas dant. If the danger is real, you are unfortunate.

Hello, friend; you are a good man. To err is human. Nothing is entirely blessed. The cure for anger is delay. Teachers often give cookies and gifts to small children. I love my friend more than my eyes. Hello, my pretty girl — give me many kisses, please! The number of fools is infinite. Bad men are in our number and they are plotting about the destruction of good men. Help the good men; protect the Roman people.


Duty always called free men. Will we have many men and women of great courage?

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The dangers of war are not small, but your fatherland will call you and the farmers will help. The delay was conquering our spirits and we did not possess the cure. Many stayed in the fields yesterday and were helping the Romans. Few wheeloxk used to brnissimus about the care of the spirit. Because of anger, you are in blame and tomorrow you will pay the penalty. You do not have true leisure, foolish man! Nothing is without fault; we are good if we have few [faults].

The poet gave the girl many roses, fine gifts, and kisses. Manebuntne semper bellum et exitium in terra nostra? Famam igitur nostrorum puerorum stultorum servabis. Pecunia et gloria animum viri boni superabant. Did danger therefore remain yesterday? A narrow mind loves money. Overcome your pride and your anger. The fault is mine, O friends. Give our son and daughters a pardon.

Because of youth, my sons, you used to not see the bad things of life. Please, take care of my daughter. Human life is a punishment. Are you sane enough? If ever I will have enough money, at that time I shall give myself to wisdom and philosophy. Your glory and fame will always remain.

The good and skillful man will blame the harsh words of poets. Our eyes were not strong; by which reason we were not able to see the pretty fields.