Species of community interest listed in the Habitat Directive 92/43 EEC under annex II as priority species. Callimorpha quadripunctaria. Calliomorpha quadripunctaria. Type: Priority Habitats Directive species. Habitat requirements: the edge of woods, clearings and. Media. Image of Callimorpha quadripunctaria. Callimorpha quadripunctaria Unreviewed. Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike ( CC.

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Genera Arctiidae A – F.

Callimorpha quadripunctaria

If is associated with an Alamy account you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. But it is still relatively common in appropriate landscapes. Euplagia quadripunctariathe Jersey tigeris a day-flying moth of the family Erebidae.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Articles with ‘species’ microformats All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Commons callimopha link callimorpga on Wikidata Articles with Dutch-language external links.

Quadripuncfaria Read Edit View history. Aside from being frequent in the Channel Islands whence its common name comesthis species was rarely seen in the British Isles in Victorian times. Callimorpha quadripunctaria hibernates as a caterpillar and is mature in May or early June.

Callimorpha quadripunctaria bv0246

Individuals are known to migrate northwards from their regular breeding grounds during the summer. There would be truly more appropriate species for the creation of protection zones. Euplagia quadripunctaria is widely distributed in Europe from Estonia and Latvia in the north to the Mediterranean coast and islands in the south.


Jersey tiger, Russian tiger Callimorpha quadripunctaria, Euplagia quadripunctaria quadripunxtaria, caterpillar on leaf, Germany. The comparison species Callimorpha dominula needs instead more cool, moist conditions.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Euplagia quadripunctaria. If is associated with an Alamy account you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

The caterpillars are polyphagous, but prefer Boraginaceae such as Echium or Lithospermum, if available. The adult wingspan is 52—65 millimetres 2. Callimorpha quadripunctaria is locally endangered due to the decline of suitable habitat dense afforestation, leveling, housing developments.

Callimorpha quadripunctaria

I found caterpillars concealed in the vegetation around eaten Lithospermum and Echium an others in bushy, partly abandoned dry calcareous grasslands at forest edges.

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Password Forgotten your password? This valley was therefore quickly turned into a tourist attraction with all necessary infrastructure. For no apparent reason, Callimorpha quadripunctaria was included in the habitats list of the European Union. This page was last edited on 14 Augustat Search stock photos by tags aboveadultangleanimalanimalsarctiidaebutterfliesbutterflycentralcloseclosedcloseupclose-upermineeuplagia quadripunctariaeuropeeuropeanfaunafoldedfootmanformatfromfullfull-lengthgermangermanyhighhorizontalimaginesimagoimago on leafimagosinsectinsectsjersey tigerleaflengthlepidopteranlepidopteransmacromothmothsnatureononephotographyportraitportraitsquadripunctariarussianrussian tiger callimorphashotshotssinglesitssittingtigertigermothtigermothstopupviewwagnerwildwildlifewings.

Retrieved from ” https: Germany Jersey tiger, Russian tiger Callimorpha quadripunctaria, Euplagia quadripunctariaon flowering bonesets, Germany Jersey tiger, Russian tiger Callimorpha quadripunctaria, Euplagia quadripunctariaimago on leaf, Germany Jersey Tiger Moth, Russian Tiger Moth Euplagia quadripunctariamoth on flowers. The larvae caterpillars are polyphagous, feeding from September to May on nettles Urtica and raspberries Rubus[2] dandelion Taraxacumwhite deadnettle Lamiumground ivy Glechomagroundsel Senecioplantain Plantagoborage Boragolettuce Lactuca[3] and hemp-agrimony Eupratoria.


Callimorpha quadripunctaria is characteristic of clear, alternating wet and dry or general dry forests with flower-rich transition zones thistles, Origanum vulgare, Eupatorium cannabinum and also of bushy, rocky slopes bordering deciduous forest heat-loving species. Password Forgotten your password?

Euplagia quadripunctaria – Wikipedia

Jersey tiger, Russian tiger Callimorpha quadripunctaria, Euplagia quadripunctariaimago on leaf, Germany. Jersey tiger Scientific classification Kingdom: Germany Jersey tiger, Russian tiger Callimorpha quadripunctaria, Euplagia quadripunctariaimago on leaf, Germany. Wikispecies has information related to Euplagia quadripunctaria.

Large groups of adults of subspecies E. The larva lives much more hidden than those of Callimorpha dominula. Callimorpha quadripunctaria is known from the so-called Valley of Butterflies in Rhodes Greecewhere numerous butterflies meet for aestivation. Lepidoptera and their ecology. Search stock photos by tags aboveangleanimalanimalsarctiidaebutterfliesbutterflycaterpillarcaterpillar quadripundtaria leafcaterpillarscentralclosecloseupclose-upermineeuplagia quadripunctariaeuropeeuropeanfaunafootmanformatfromfullfull-lengthcallimorlhagermanyhairshairyhighhorizontalinsectinsectsjersey tigerlarvalarvaelarvallengthlepidopteralepidopteranlepidopteransmothmothsnatureonepatternportraitportraitsquadripunctariarussianrussian tiger callimorphasinglestagestripstripestripedstripedpatternstriped-patternstripepatternstripe-patternteiglertigertigermothtigermothstigerstopupviewwildwildlife.