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Avital Bloch Universidad de Colima Dra. Eugenio Garza Sada No. PMonterrey, N. Mary Carmen Peloche Barrera. Los factores que afectan este proceso de acercamiento y entendimiento han sido tan diversos como los intereses en juego al declarar a Palestina como Estado. Tal vez ya sea el momento de tender los puentes para hacerlo.

The aim of this paper is to outline the parameters for a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Drawing upon the Clinton Parameters, the Geneva Accord, the Arab initiative, and the Olmert-Abbas talks, the paper argues for a two-state solution and suggests a doable pathway to peace.

If and when accepted, these suggestions will constitute the foundations for resolving all contentious issues. The boundaries have been disputed both by Israelis and by foreigners. These territories, conquered during the Six Day War, are claimed by Israel s neighbours. The Palestinian Authority PA wishes to end the state of occupation in the West Bank, to lift the Israeli siege on Gaza, and also claims neighbourhoods in the eastern part of Jerusalem, whereas Syria claims the Golan Heights.

The PA, like Israel, suffers from the land dispute as it does not have defined boundaries. The PA also lacks control over its territory and sovereignty. These are necessary preconditions for its declaration of independence and statehood. Sincethe Israeli society has been split over the question of peace versus land.

The main issue is: Here we need to distinguish between peace en abstractum v. Out of the blue, Israel had a peace treaty with its foe.

After eight months of secret negotiations and 14 meetings the enemy of yesterday became a partner for peace. There was jubilation amongst those in the leftwing peace camp. At the same time, there were fears and anxieties on the right where people realized that they now needed to grapple with the issue of the price: What price would Israel pay for the treaty?

What follows is an attempt, from the point of view of diplomacy and political science, to delineate the price by outlining the parameters needed to end the Israeli-Palestinian protracted and most bloody conflict. For such a momentous achievement of resolving a deep, entrenched conflict, three things are absolutely essential: By time is ripe it is meant that both leaders believe that enough blood was shed, that they need to seize the moment because things might worsened for their people, and that they have the ability to lead their respective people to accept the peace agreement and change reality for the better.

To build genuine peace, it is essential to have trust, good will and mutual security. I believe that if there is a will, there is a way. Peace is a precious commodity and therefore it requires both parties to pay a high price for its achievement, reaching a solution that is agreeable to both. The peace deal should be attractive to both Israel and Palestine, equally.

  HONEYWELL 942-M0A-2D-1G1-220S PDF

It cannot be one-sided, enforced or coerced. Of all the possible solutions presently on the table, a two-state solution is to be the most viable. The Palestinians aspire to have an independent state in the borders, with Arab Jerusalem as its capital and a substantial return of refugees to Israel. The Israelis wish to retain the Jewish character of Israel, being the only Jewish state in the world.

Both sides wish to enjoy life of tranquility and in security, free of violence and terror. Both parties should explicitly accept UN Security Council Resolutions56 and and then begin their full implementation. The endgame will be based on the following parameters: Palestinian sovereignty will be declared and respected During the past two decades, at no given time the three ingredients coexisted. In andPrime Ministers Rabin and Barak were committed to peace and felt that the time was ripe, but that commitment and feeling was not shared by their Palestinian counterpart, Yasser Arafat.

All three leaders did not have the full backing of their people, and were either unable or unwilling to instill in their people a sense of urgency and yearning for peace, which must come with a high price. It is argued that the way to escape the deadlock is to rely on the Clinton Parameters, 1 the Geneva Accord, 2 the Arab initiative, 3 and the Olmert-Abbas talks.

Palestine shall recognize the State of Israel.

Mutual diplomatic relations Israel and Palestine shall immediately establish full diplomatic relationships with each other, installing ambassadors in the capital of the respective partner. Capital each state is free to choose its own capital. Borders These should be reasonable and logical for both sides.

Former military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin explained: Having a border is the best security arrangement. Resolution of November 22,U. At the Taba talks, the Palestinians presented a map in which Israel would annex 3. Territorial contiguity a corridor would connect the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to allow safe and free passage.

HASBARA ES VERDAD: 13/04/08 – 20/04/08

As long as peace is kept, the road will be permanently open and solely Palestinian. No Israeli checkpoints will be there. Palestinians will not be able to enter Israel from this corridor, nor shall Israelis enter Palestine from the corridor.

Palestine will ensure that this safe passage won t be abused for violent purposes. Such abuse would undermine peace and trust between the two parties. The Separation Barrier creates a daneil reality.

It should run roughly along the mutually agreed borders. Security Both Israel and Palestine will take all necessary measures to ascertain that their citizens could live free of fear for scheinxohn lives. Security is equally important for both Israelis and Palestinians as this is the key for peace. Palestine and Israel shall base their security relations on cooperation, mutual trust, good neighborly relations, and the protection of their joint interests.

This issue was agreed upon in Also agreed upon were joint Israeli- Palestinian patrols along the Jordan River, the installation of early warning posts, and the establishment of a permanent international observer force to ensure the implementation of the agreed security arrangements. If there is a need for a permanent presence, this would be trusted to an agreed-upon third party.

Terrorism and violence Zero tolerance in this sphere.


Both sides will work together to curb violence. Both sides will see that their citizens on both sides of the border reside in peace and tranquility.

Zealots and terrorists, Palestinians and Jews, will receive grave penalties for any violation of peace and tranquility. In the past, the Palestinians failed to understand the gravity of terrorism and were willing to accept it as part of life.


The option is not either armed struggle or negotiations. We can fight and negotiate at the same time, just as the Algerians and the Vietnamese had done.

On this issue there should be no compromise. Jerusalem What is Palestinian will come under the territory of scheinwohn new capital Al Kuds. Al Kuds would include East Jerusalem and the adjacent Palestinian land and villages. The Israeli capital would include West Jerusalem and the adjacent Israeli settlements.

To maintain Palestinian contiguity, Israel may be required to give up some of the settlements around Arab Comuniccain.


The Old City will be granted a special status. Special arrangements and recognition will be made to honour scheinwohn importance of the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter for Jews, and similarly special arrangements and recognition will be made to honour the importance of the Islamic and Christian holy places.

The Palestinians, he writes, expressed their shock at the murder but they found it difficult to understand why we always play into the hands of those who want to sabotage the talks. Beilin, The Path to Geneva, p. There will be Israeli-Palestinian cooperation in providing municipality services to both populations.

As agreed by Abbas and Olmert, it will be under the control of a five-nation consortium: Comjnicacin Waqf will continue its administration. Jews will enjoy right of access. Excavation for antiquities may be undertaken only with the full agreement of both sides.

Similarly, alterations to the historical structures and foundations can be made only upon the consent of both sides.

Water The UN secretary-general has said that Palestinians have virtually no control over the water resources in the West Bank, with 86 percent of the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea under the de facto jurisdiction of the settlement regional councils. Education Scheindohn and Palestine will institute a shared curriculum on good neighborhood, understanding cultures and religions, respect for others and not harming others.

This education program will commence at the kindergarten and continue at primary and high schools. In every age group vital comunicxcin for understanding the other will be studied. This program is critical for establishing peaceful relationships and trust between the two parties. Languages Starting in primary schools, Arabic will be a mandatory language for pupils to study in Jewish schools.

Similarly, Hebrew will be a mandatory language for pupils to study in Palestinian schools. Language is the most important bridge between different cultures and nations. Israelis will master Arabic to the same extent that they presently master English.

Palestinians will master Hebrew as their second language. This includes a close study of the education curricula in both the PA and Israel. Both sides need to overhaul their school books, excluding incitement, racism, bigotry and hate against one another. Both sides should utilize the media to promote peaceful messages of reconciliation and mutual recognition.

Prisoners As an act of good will, part of the trust-building process, Israel scheinson release a number of agreed upon prisoners. With time, as trust will grow between the two sides, all security prisoners will return home.