Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Plan de gestión integral de residuos hospitalarios y similares – PGIRH componente Decreto de Diciembre de Por el cual se reglamenta la gestión. Title: Residuos hospitalarios, Author: bacteriologia Lab clinico, Name: Residuos hospitalarios, Length: 92 pages, Page: 14, Published: Gestion integral de Residuos hospitalarios y similares en colombia Cover of “DECRETO “.

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Reporteros sin Fronteras Hospitalafios These mechanisms have to be answered in 10 business days. National and international journalists and defenders of press freedom considered the reaction inappropriate and exaggerated.

Diario del Huila Fecha: This score is appropriate if the division of broadcast bandwidth is widely viewed to be used as a political tool. Government restrictions are in place at all times for certain topics.

Over the past year, the process of adjudication of a third commercial national TV station has also been characterized by extreme delays and constant changes. According to the art.

decreto 2676 de 2002 residuos hospitalarios pdf

Febrero 11 de While some backlog is expected and inevitable, appeals are acknowledged promptly and cases move steadily towards resolution. Media groups generally act as disinterested parties in an election.

Licensing costs are prohibitive to the organization. In law, where a broadcast radio and TV media license is necessary, there is an appeals mechanism if a license is denied or revoked. The Army said the information was critical for national security, but for the court it was not clear how information about past events could be harmful for national security. According to the statistics of the Defensoria del Pueblo Ombudsman the right of petition is the second right most threatened by the State and from which hospitalarioz receive more complaints asking for protection of the right 1, in Although the restriction is normal given the rates of impunity in the country, it may take years to access information on certain judicial processes.

Asalto ilegal a las oficinas de la corporacion Casa de la Juventud y la corporacion Redvivir http: The decteto for TV stations is more difficult. Las Cuentas Sin Sanciones. It seems that CSOs working on good governance and anticorruption issues are not subject of these deductions. During the period there were documented cases of threats and attacks on nongovernmental organizations that work on human rights, whose work also touches upon corruption issues. Information requests are sometimes met with sufficient responses, but responses to information requests may be vague or overly general when sensitive information is sought.


However there are many de facto filters on publication such as threats coming from armed groups, the fear that impunity will prevent the effective investigation of corruption cases, or the fear that resicuos will be a rejection from the government when information does not favor it. The fact that no print media license is necessary facilitates the process of print media creation. Government opponents can be seen by the population as lacking patriotism, stigmatized as guerrilla members, and are subject to pressures and threats.

According to the Constitution art. In commercial radio, two main stations dominate around 90 percent of the market nationwide, although there are several local radio stations operating in municipalities according to the Ministry of Communications. The mass media, on balance, have clear preferences in election outcomes and coverage is driven to achieve these goals.

The Citizen Subcommission is composed by members proposed by CSOs and then elected by the president, thus, in practice there is a barrier for open participation, especially from small CSOs.

GESTIÓN DE RESIDUOS HOSPITALARIOS by Carlos Andres Ramirez Pacheco on Prezi

Additionally, there are mechanisms to appeal any administrative decision; these are known as reposition and appeal. Some appeals may not be acknowledged, and simple issues may take more than two months to resolve.

However, according to the UN Office for the High Commissioner on Human Rights, it is estimate that 15 percent of members of paramilitary groups have rearmed again. Trade union organizers have some rights, but these may not be commonly known, or are difficult to defend. They were released a few hours later.

GIR Scorecard Colombia |

Diciembre 4 de http: However, it has a professional full-time staff registered. The delays and difficulties in obtaining a license can result in the operation of radio stations without license. The government ensures that equal access and fair treatment of election contestants is provided by devreto state-owned media outlets, including all electronic and print media.


Trade unions exist, but are not ddecreto relevant to politics or policy debates. A NO score is earned if there any formal legal hospitlarios regulatory bans on foreign or domestic funding sources for CSOs focused on anti-corruption or good governance.

In June a political reform was issued by Congress increased the threshold to gain or maintain legal status to 3 percent. Abril 17 de http: A YES score is still earned even if the entity is legally separate but in practice staffed by partisans.

In what refers to community television stations, it is estimated that the majority of them operate illegally without a license, in part because there is no formal regulation of this process.

Especially for local elections many candidates are prevented from running as they receive threats from armed groups. In practice, where necessary, citizens can obtain a broadcast radio and TV media license at a reasonable cost.

Media groups have equal access to broadcast bandwidth through a reasonably fair distribution system. However, despite these advances in accessing general information, there are still many problems at the local level and in accessing sensitive information. A YES score is positive. Ley 80 de octubre The relative lack of obstacles to create CSOs and the pre-eminence that is legally given to citizen participation is reflected in the fact that Colombia is one of the Latin American countries where the third sector has grown sustainedly and is comparatively big.

Records take around one to two months to obtain.

In MarchRosalba Gaviria human rights defender in Quindio was detained.