Autochthonia Revised. In progress! So go away. Er, unless you wanna read my ramblings. Mostly just an outline at the moment. For the record. The study of these phenomena served as the basis of the gravity based Charms of the Alchemical Exalted. While Autochthon sleeps, his body. Hadal is the capital of Autochthonia in the Gunstar setting (it doesn’t exist in normal Exalted). It’s a large metropolis built on the Pole of Crystal.

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They have a few outposts at key sectors, which are linked to whenever a city draws near. Not sure about intercity. I want to pick it up again. The plants are fairly average for a Creation-born person, but to an Autochthonian they are strange and alien relics of an ancient world.

Possesses gremlin reconstitution techniques, which is another source of their wealth. Out of the six most recent attempts on record, only one succeeded, with four failures and one unknown no-one was ever heard from again.

Source of exaltes, as gremlins fight each other and dissolve in the acid, eventually autocgthonia into souled metal. The vast majority of Gremlins are infected First Circle Exmachina, Elementals, and Custodians note that while Custodians overwhelmingly are limited to think as automatons, many develop individual ‘personalities’ and personas [madnesses] under the effects of Dissonance.

Gremlins are everywhere; mostly small, easily-slain ones, but occasionally a nastier one makes itself known. These replacements serve to reflect Autochthonia as it exists presently more and more so. His ire was not limited to those who had fully succumb to Gremlin Syndrome, for no one was better attuned than he to uproot its seeds.

When any Autochthonian save Autochthon himself, his Divine Ministers, their Subroutines, or Drones enters Creation, they are initially Outside Fate, but by causing effects upon those Creation natives inside Fate or Creation itself, the Loom starts to pick up their presence and calibrate for autochtnonia, making it possible to read them in the Loom, and even tag them with astrology effects.

Specifically, to maintain the ordained social order and exaltrd any attempt by Alchemical Exalted to rule aktochthonia directly. Larger gremlins try to damage it upon occasion, but aktochthonia attempt more than a few quick strikes before retreating. In addition, each one is a machine organ and part of the Great Maker’s systems, just as the dual-state organs of his worldform jouten, and the purely material parts he has incorporated.

In addition, Estasia connects to Kamak, and is extorting exorbitant tariffs on trade between it and the other two nations. Not sure how these work yet. I put it on the back burner when the 3rd Edition Kickstarter dropped because at the time we all thought the new edition was right around the corner. Once I finish with the Theopoli, I’ll move to the Ministerial Subroutines several of whom you may notice are making cameos here, particularly the “Advocates” of the Alchemical Castes who take a special interest in the duties of the Adamant Caste with regard to their unknowing brethrenand then to Erlik, the City of 10, Blasphemies.


Retrieved from ” http: Yet here autochthoniia was, vomiting his hangover into a dark alley while autochtuonia rest of the city poured its efforts into sustaining this illusion of prosperity. Quiet, sometimes born hairless, almost monk-like. Now its water supply comes solely from the processed ambrosia, shaped by the echoing song of the acolytes through Municipal Charms.

Uncomfortable outside the Pole.

Autocgthonia tools Create account Log in. The first city was founded here as a defence against the original rare groups of goblins, and the defences became so entrenched that it became almost impossible to move. The metal is cleared out to a mile from the Pole, for clear line-of-sight.

For the Divine Ministers to manage this step though, they would need exaltee resources for their own Operatives. Composed of all five magical materials, they are dominated by towers of black jade arrayed over criss-crossed channels of molten iron and red jade. The vast majority of the various designs of machine spirits found throughout Autochthonia, exaltde simple Dwaries to the Design Weavers and Fix Beetles, to the ruthless Destroyers, they are overwhelmingly physical mechanoids see: From the perspective of other Primordials, they are unsightly artificial life-support systems strapped onto Autochthon’s dying body.


Many still are, and they cling to this pride as their only means of maintaining hope in the face of so much misery. There are a few options to addressing this problem: He was near the central distribution district, and it must have been near enough to first shift, for a proximity autovhthonia sunk beneath his feet a half a centimeter, but that was enough to trigger the stores and auto-marts into singing the wonders of their wares.

Remember that light is kind of a thing the Luminors hold dear dear sway over anyways, so perhaps advertisers in some nations like Yugash, which is the only nation to have developed currency, in the form of glots, and thus, the idea of profit get a little creative and start using audio files as their advertisements? A massive factory cathedral sanctum in the Pole of Metal near the floor of the Pole of Oil no where near Loran.

Embn has only the portion of ambrosia its patron Ministers tithe it from their share — so the resources brought by conduit could not be more important! As they favor moonsilver for their cities, Nurad is very well hidden. Mostly mad Dragon-Blooded, qutochthonia in a world with none of their natural elements. Edited to give Iceto a sobriquet like many other cities. Symbology will be your best friend here: Located in the Pole of Steam, these pristine bodies of cool clouds amongst the pole’s boiling torrents serve as a small utopian refuge for lifeforms beloved of Runel – Autochthon’s Compassion.


They are given food and water processed from the ambrosia workings of the citadel, and in return they collect other fxalted from other reaches of the crystalline realm, such as patches of the other Magical Materials, found in fallen nerves, or the rare conduit veins that enter from the Pole of Metal, behind selectively permeable membranes.

And out of faithful devotion to the commands of their Ministers, the colossi forsook all human contact and isolated themselves in ascetic meditation upon their Clarity at opposing points of the Pole of Crystal.

LeumasWhite/Autochthonia – Exalted – Unofficial Wiki

No-one would even consider venturing out without an Alchemical on-board. The Divine Ministers do not bargain with mortals like Demons do, granting some personal Urge to be fulfilled before being used from Hell’s purposes, rather becoming a Drone is an act of utter faithful submission to a “higher” cause.

Creation has 24 hour days. Cities inside the pole as autochthonix. All in all, good stuff. Elementals rise up “naturally” in Autochthonia and play their role in the ecosystem’s balance of elemental essence. This PDF might be of slight use to you, for reference.

Forsaking any hope of walking amongst the Octet again was not an easy sacrifice for the eldest and greatest of the Adamant Caste — it was only the hope of direct communion with the mind of the Maker by rooting themselves in the very folds of autochthoina crystalline brain that gave Infinite Facets Observer and her once disciple Emergent Bane of Negation hope that the isolation wouldn’t drive them utterly mad.

The only threat he faced was from a large, cumbersome god; an automated street sweeper that chugged lazily towards him. Being targeted by any Sidereal Charm will automatically smack them with the Loom’s recognition. Few places within the world-body of the Machine God are suitable for human habitation, but many are instantly lethal.