Marcelo, all the topics your are asking for are covered, at least in spanish, here: ?es,,MNU;E;19;2;MNU;. More under. GeneXus Trial: Tutorial The USER will use the GeneXus programs and documentation exclusively for personal INSTALLATION AND AUTHORIZATION. Primeros Pasos: Tutorial paso a paso. El objetivo de este tutorial es brindarle una primera experiencia práctica con GeneXus a medida.

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Searchable property Apply the instance and run the application. You will get all customers whose tutoorial is located in the “k2b” domain. Let us know what you think. Run the application and use the full text search feature to see the improved user interface.

Use the product and invoice tabs that appear at the top of the screen. In both cases DVelop was accompanying Artech team. You can direct yourself to gxtechnical. Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it. Import the following xpz GX15 in the Knowledge Base. This question appears to be off-topic. Set EntityImage property to Images Apply the instances.

Go to the root node. Adding images to the City and Invoice results K2BTools allows placing a fixed image in transactions that don’t have an image attribute. Tabs gensxus the transaction, filters, etc Lazarus Yes, I’m in contact with them, and they’re really slow with not-yet-customers. tutoial

In transaction node set Show BC Preview as result description to “false”. You can save time with a preview of the objects that will be generated without having to specify, generate, compile and run. Add the “CustomerSearchResult” attribute to the Customer transaction. In order to tutoriwl that follow this steps:.

  FDA 21 CFR 175.300 PDF

Go to the EntityServices instance associated with the “Customer” transaction. Armin Bachmann 2 9. There is a common scenario in which the user wants to search information but gnexus know in which part of the application it can be found.

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See how a search field and button appear in the application. In most cases, showing the business component preview henexus not a good idea. Given this is a commercial product, have you considered asking the producers? Marcelo 1, 10 41 Invoices are not showing any image. Search for a customer using genexuz full text search filter and see that the search result visualization has improved. Marcelo, all the topics your are asking for are covered, at least in spanish, here: If you are using GX Ev3 import this file.

Allows developer to add Tabs into any object generated by WorkWithPlus in a very simply way. Use the search field to search the name of a customer and press search. That will be taken into account in our final decision. K2BTools Tutorial – Exercise 6. Reindex all action Open the WorkWith for any transaction.

Improving the customers view in full text search results By default, full text search results show as a description of the record the business components’ preview.

WorkWithPlus :: Functionalities

I’m currently evaluating GeneXus X, and I’d like to know where I could get tutoorial either in English, Spanish, Portuguese, it doesn’t matter on the following subjects:. For this purpose we are going to use formula attributes. Run the application and see how now the images appears to “City” and “Invoice” transactions.

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Adding formulas in order to improve search results. Dane Drotts 41 1. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

K2BTools Tutorial – Exercise 6.6: Full Text Search Filter

The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: Now the only thing that is left is to add formula attributes in order to improve the visualization of the searched records. In order to improve this, we are going to use other properties that K2BTools has that allow the developer to improve the UI of the search results.

Go to the EntityServices instance associated with the “Country” transaction. Within the pattern generated objects User Controls can be inserted into User tables tuttorial losing the relationship with the pattern. In order to do that follow this steps: Full Text Search Filter. Search for “Montevideo” You will see the city “Montevideo” and all Customers that live in that city.

Go yenexus teh “Transaction” node.