Solutions for MVS SYSTEM ABEND CODES like S0C1, S0C7, SB37, SE37 etc. There was a conflict between the program, the JCL DCB, and the data set DCB. This article list down various JCL abend codes along with their cause and action taken by the user. ABEND Code U or U (X’D’) is issued when a failure or error condition occurs for which normal program All related Job Logs and JCL listings.

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For a multi-volume sequential data set, the data set already existed on a subsequent volume. Not enough memory exists for the request. Target of a longjmp cannot be found. Correct any errors, and resubmit the job. In writing to a sequential or direct access data set, the record length was greater than the track capacity. An error occurred in either: An error occurred in writing a record longer than the track capacity the data set did not use track overflow.

During program termination, program stored past end of automatic storage stack. S Abend The job was cancelled because it violated some restriction. Jcp parameters on called subprogram 5.

Coodes volume on the allocated unit as specified by ser could not be demounted because it was either reserved or permanently resident. Be sure that the concatenated partitioned data set is being opened properly. Out of space on output disk file. In writing to a sequential or direct access data set, the record length exceeded the DCB block size. Collect all job output, including dumps, and contact Customer Support.


An error occurred in opening a data set on a direct access device. The STAE exit cannot continue. ATOPN has failed for this process. Cldes error occurred in opening a data set on tape. Verify that all the volumes that the data set resides on are specified in the sequence in which the data set exists.

The program on the library was not executable. This is detected as a logic error. At end of tape volume. Close an unopenunopened DataSet 3. Required transient runtime functions cannot be loaded. Eliminate any concatenations of checkpoint and non-checkpoint data sets. Insufficient storage to extend the internal queue of IUCV messages. Check that the other host TCPaccess is trying to connect to is up on the network.

A loop was detected in the LNIO output chain. Numeric operation on non-numeric data 2. Program time out due to looping problem.

Logic fell into input procedure 3. This can be caused by either the page being page-freed prematurely or a logic error in this program not using the correct value with the LRA. S03B An error occurred in opening an indexed sequential data set. Check whether PDS name given in step lib is spelled correct. An incorrect block or record length was specified. The recording medium was defective. The storage amount to be released does not end on a double word boundary.


An error occurred while positioning at the labels, or if there were no labels, while positioning at the data of a data set opened with input or inout to be read forward.


An error occurred in writing to a data set which mcl not been allocated enough space. S An error occurred in opening a data set on tape. Subordinate C load module is called directly.

A non-executable load module was requested by the program. Check the file usage in the program. A comp-3 field had an invalid sign. The data set used all the space on the current volume.

Mainframe JCL abends

S The wait time limit was exceeded for a job or job step. Either the estimate is wrong or the program is in an uncontrollable loop. A specific member of a partitioned data set could not be located. Value being codex is not available in table. The module did not link edit successfully. If it fails again bring TCPaccess down. The select clause was invalid for an ISAM data set.

The quotient exceeded the allowed data field size. Program has taken more CPU time than the default limit for. S0CA Decimal overflow exception.